Jardines de Bellas Artes is the first developed in Santo Domingo by Noval Properties. It is a luxury condo hotel located in front of the Palace of Fine Arts, an area known for its intense artistic and cultural life. Jardines de Bellas Artes is a series of luxury apartments in Santo Domingo designed based on sustainability and functional spaces. It is an innovative proposal in the entire area, as the residential offer integrates a boutique hotel located on the top three floors of the building.

This development aims to become one of the reference luxury properties in Santo Domingo, both for its potential revaluation and for the equipment of its residential spaces. Jardines de Bellas Artes by Noval Properties offers 1 or 2-bedroom apartments with integrated kitchens and living rooms in the same space to make the most of every available square meter. All the apartments have terraces and outdoor spaces.

At Noval Properties, we are experts in developing and constructing real estate projects in the Dominican Republic. We know that Jardines de Bellas Artes is a unique opportunity. Santo Domingo is currently one of the most profitable capitals in the Caribbean regarding real estate investments. Now you can invest in a luxury home in Santo Domingo with the trust only a developer like Noval Properties can offer.

Santo Domingo

1-2 Bedrooms

180 Apartments

Security 24 Hours

5-Stars Amenities

Discover the Jardines de Bellas Artes Universe

Discover Jardines de Bellas Artes in Santo Domingo. Located in an area rich in culture, art, and creativity, this historic neighborhood is close to the Univesirdad primada de America, Plaza de la Cultura, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the Presidential Palace. It is an area that preserves the traditional Dominican way of life.

An Exclusive Universe of Luxury Living

Jardines de Bellas Artes is situated in this environment. Our goal is to offer a building that resembles a work of art but with a clear urban vocation. This development enriches the architectural heritage of its surroundings. It becomes a perfect proposal for people looking for a luxury home in Santo Domingo and do not want to give up living in the city’s historic area.

The development consists of one and two-bedroom homes with open and spacious areas where light is the protagonist in each room. The modernity of this area is transferred to the property; the homes at Jardines de Bellas Artes are houses to enjoy, incorporating equipment and finishes designed to make these homes the perfect place to live.

A Universe of Your Own

The Jardines de Bellas Artes development includes 60 studios, 84 one-bedroom apartments, and 36 two-bedroom apartments. The studios have one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. The one-bedroom apartments have a spacious living room with an integrated kitchen, as well as a bathroom and a toilet. In the two-bedroom apartments, the space is expanded with a second bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

Comfort is one of our objectives. The apartments in this development have been designed with the needs of the people who will reside in them in mind, which is why they integrate luxury services and equipment, making day-to-day life much more comfortable. Another advantage of Jardines de Bellas Artes is that it is a new construction. Currently, development in the area break the architectural aesthetics of the surroundings, and luxury projects are less common.


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Unlock Your Dream Price

Starting from USD $183,000.00, explore our exquisite residences. Click below for detailed pricing information.

Master and Floor Plan

The floor layout includes studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The top three floors are designated for hotel use, offering the most exclusive services in a touristy yet peaceful area.

Buying Process

A program managed by our asset management company Caribbean Conexión, which thanks to its links with the main hotel centers in the area, will allow you to obtain an annual economic return of approximately 6%, thus cushioning your investment without risks.

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Reserve your property with $ US 5,000(For the Ocean Bay Project, reservations are made with $ US 10,000.)Pay your reservation with credit card or bank transfer.
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If married, copy of two identity documents of your spouse
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  • Upon reservation, expect the purchase promise within 7 days.
  • Sign three original copies in blue ink upon approval.Upon contract legalization, receive confirmation via email with the address for receiving your originals.


  • Pay for your investment and all transfer are in US Dollars
  • The preferred method for investment payment is via Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Buyers are responsible for covering bank commission charges.
  • Include the project name and apartment number in your transfer details.

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Jardines de Bellas Artes is one of Noval Properties’ most ambitious developments. We not only want to create a luxury residential space, we also want to do it in one of the most exclusive areas of Santo Domingo, enriching the area’s real estate proposal.

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