Nestled in the heart of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Riviera Bay Condos by Noval Properties embodies sophistication and elegance. Featuring 110 units spread across 5 storeys, this development offers a lifestyle enriched by the vibrant amenities and experiences of Cana Bay, with investment opportunities facilitated by BUYSELLPUNTACANA.
Each meticulously designed apartment exudes modernity and minimalism, providing spacious and comfortable living spaces with breathtaking views of the lake and golf course. Riviera Bay boasts unparalleled amenities, from the prestigious Hard Rock Golf Club to the exclusive beach club, where pleasure and serenity intertwine. Proximity to the renowned Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana offers residents a world of first-class entertainment and gastronomy, alongside investment potential guided by BUYSELLPUNTACANA. Explore the possibilities and elevate your living experience while building your investment portfolio at Riviera Bay.

Punta Cana

1-2-3 Bedrooms

Arena Gorda Beach

110 Apartments

Pool View

5-Stars Amenities

Discover the Riviera Bay Universe

We present to you Riviera Bay, the newly minted emblem of luxury and well-being in Cana Bay, a meticulously designed enclave to offer you an unmatched residential experience in the vibrant heart of Punta Cana, the Caribbean paradise everyone longs for.

An Exclusive Universe of Luxury Living

Situated in an exquisite destination that magnetizes those seeking the essence of Caribbean life, this project stands as a sanctuary of modern comfort and subtle elegance. Framed by the majestic beauty of Punta Cana, Riviera Bay is more than a mere home; it is a distinguished lifestyle. Every corner of this exclusive condominium has been conceived with your tranquility and satisfaction in mind. From the open spaces that celebrate natural light to the high-end finishes that exude sophistication, every detail here speaks of an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Discover the exclusivity and luxury that define our residences, meticulously designed to elevate your living experience to the next level. It is not merely a roof over your head; we are talking about a refuge thought out in every detail to ensure your comfort and well-being. Imagine living in spaces that are both modern and elegant, where cutting-edge design becomes the standard, not the exception.

Our architectural approach is inspired by avant-garde design trends, merging aesthetics and functionality to offer you the home of your dreams. Every corner of your new house has been designed to make the most of every square meter, providing you with spaces both intimate for reflection and open for socialization. Here, beauty is not in contradiction with comfort; in fact, they complement each other exquisitely..

A Universe of Your Own

The promise of Riviera Bay goes beyond everyday residential life; it is about a community that shares a passion for the good life and a taste for the refined.

By choosing to make Riviera Bay your new home, you are not only opting for a luxurious residence but investing in a life of unparalleled adventures, modern amenities, and the serenity that only Cana Bay can offer. The proximity to local attractions, the exclusive Arena Gorda beach, and the renowned Cana Bay Beach Club & Golf Resort elevate the living experience here to a pedestal of opulence and convenience that is hard to match. The vibrant culture and the welcoming nature of Punta Cana reside at the heart of Riviera Bay, offering you a gateway to a world of exotic possibilities and enduring relationships.

Exclusive Access to Beach Club

Private Pool


View of The Hard Rock Golf Course

Unlock Your Dream Price

Starting from USD $189,000.00, explore our exquisite residences. Click below for detailed pricing information.

Master and Floor Plan

The Dominican Republic occupies the 3rd position among the Top 10 best tourist destinations in the world to invest, for all the facilities it offers to acquire residence, its climate, lifestyle, health system, among others.

Buying Process

A program managed by our asset management company Caribbean Conexión, which thanks to its links with the main hotel centers in the area, will allow you to obtain an annual economic return of approximately 6%, thus cushioning your investment without risks.

Book your Ideal Property

Reserve your property with $US 5,000 (For the Ocean Bay Project, reservations are made with $ US 10,000).Pay your reservation with credit card or bank transfer.
Document Required :
1. Copy of passport, 
2. Copy of Second identity document 
If married, copy of two identity documents of your spouse
3. Noval Reservation Form

Post Reservation

  • Upon reservation, expect the purchase promise within 7 days.
  • Sign three original copies in blue ink upon approval.Upon contract legalization, receive confirmation via email with the address for receiving your originals.


  • Pay for your investment and all transfer are in US Dollars
  • The preferred method for investment payment is via Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Buyers are responsible for covering bank commission charges.
  • Include the project name and apartment number in your transfer details.

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