Meet the spectacular collection of luxury villas from Noval Properties with stunning spaces to enjoy and invest at the highest level, located in one of the most exclusive and coveted destinations in the entire Caribbean: Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.

Has become a benchmark, the meeting point for those who love the best of life and enjoy it in the dearest and full manner. Cap Cana has all the lifestyle assets you need for a unique lifestyle. Enjoy the best place to go fishing, play golf, go yachting, practice polo, horse riding, and water sports. All this, in addition to its exclusive list of restaurants and its majestic marina, make it a world-class destination in the middle of the Caribbean.

Discover the Villas Cap Cana Universe

Our magnificent collection of luxury villas features spectacular spaces to enjoy and invest in to the fullest extent.

An Exclusive Universe of Luxury Living

We refer to the most important destination city in the entire Caribbean, one that impresses with its exclusivity and its fascinating way of integrating the beauty of the best white sand beaches in the Caribbean, the most prestigious golf courses in the entire area, and its marine feature that replicates the finest European style, making this complex the highest valued luxury destination in the entire area. Cap Cana has become a benchmark, the meeting point for those who love the best of life and enjoy it in the dearest and full manner.

It is the most exclusive villa proposal in Cap Cana, where beauty transforms the spaces, creating a personal work of art for you, who enjoys the excellence of living the experiences of the most luxurious destination city in the entire Caribbean every day. Whether you think of a supreme lifestyle or a great investment, Villa Cayuco II is the best reinterpretation of beauty in all its forms.

Welcome to Villa Palmitas 8.
A contemporary retreat with a serene atmosphere where the outdoor panorama is the main protagonist. It is a family home with cozy and functional spaces designed to pay tribute to nature in the paradisiacal area of Cap Cana, with the highest level of discretion.

VP105_Vista Piscina

In Villas Palmas 105, the areas form a structure that explores geometric dimensions with exquisite textures, capturing the lights of the exterior and interior environments to expand their spaces where only beauty is perceived. Enjoy the new forms of luxury in Villas Palmas 105. An exquisite idea for your investment, a way to value your time, and a space where you can enjoy life as a work of art.

VP106_Habitación 2

Explore new dimensions and exciting moments in Villas Las Palmas 106. A design immerses itself in the magic of its materials and its forms, making the light play within its spaces and bounce on its materials textures, creating delicate contours in its structures. Invest in a dream lifestyle in the best destination in the Caribbean.


Discover the new dimensions of luxury in a design that reinterprets minimalism in this piece of our collection.
Its finishes’ light, water, and texture reinvent the environment and make it a unique, warm, and elegant experience in Cap Cana.

Juanillo & Api Beach

Punta Espada Golf Club

Punta Cana Intl. Airport

Bars & Restaurant

Grocery Store

Blue Mall

Marina Punta Cana Resort & Club

Punta Cana Polo Club

The Stables Horse Riding

Casino Dominic

Ojos Indigenas

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Starting from USD $2,975,000.00, explore our exquisite residences. Click below for detailed pricing information.

Buying Process

A program managed by our asset management company Caribbean Conexión, which thanks to its links with the main hotel centers in the area, will allow you to obtain an annual economic return of approximately 6%, thus cushioning your investment without risks.

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Reserve your property with $ US 5,000(For the Ocean Bay Project, reservations are made with $ US 10,000.)Pay your reservation with credit card or bank transfer.
Document Required :
1. Copy of passport, 
2. Copy of Second identity document 
If married, copy of two identity documents of your spouse
3. Noval Reservation Form

Post Reservation

  • Upon reservation, expect the purchase promise within 7 days.
  • Sign three original copies in blue ink upon approval.Upon contract legalization, receive confirmation via email with the address for receiving your originals.


  • Pay for your investment and all transfer are in US Dollars
  • The preferred method for investment payment is via Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Buyers are responsible for covering bank commission charges.
  • Include the project name and apartment number in your transfer details.

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