Foreign investment taxes in the Dominican Republic are indeed low, which is one factor that makes the country an attractive destination for foreign investors. The country has a stable and predictable regulatory environment, and the government has been actively encouraging foreign investment in various sectors of the economy.

Foreign investors in the Dominican Republic are subject to the same tax laws and regulations as domestic investors. The corporate tax rate is 27%, which is relatively low compared to many other countries in the region. Tax incentives are also available for specific industries, such as tourism and renewable energy.

In addition to low investment taxes, the residency requirements in the Dominican Republic are relatively simple. Several residency options are available for those looking to move to the country, including investment residency, retirement residency, and family residency. The investment residency program requires a minimum investment of $200,000 in real estate or a business in the country. In contrast, the retirement residency program requires proof of a monthly retirement income of at least $1,500.


  • Currency: Dominican peso (DOP)
  • Population: Approximately 11.12 million people
  • Legal age: 18 years old for voting and drinking
  • Government representative: President serves as both the head of state and head of government in a representative democracy
  • Official languages: Spanish and English (widely spoken in tourist areas)
  • Area: 48,670 square kilometres
  • UN membership: The Dominican Republic is a member of the United Nations
  • Trading partners: The United States is the country’s most important trading partner, accounting for 75% of export revenues, while Canada is the second-largest investor in the country.
  • Tourist destination: The Dominican Republic is the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean, with over 6 million visitors annually.
  • Climate: The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, with warm and humid conditions year-round. The wet season occurs between May and November, while the best seasons to visit are between November and April.
  • Residency options: The country offers several residency options, including investment residency, retirement residency, and family residency.

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